New Things

So, I got married to the coolest man on planet Earth almost two months ago. Which means I also got this awesome new last name; upgraded from Britney McIntosh to Britney Howard. So much of being a photographer is based on your name and your identity within that, but it was really important to me to take the leap, so here I am. Britney Howard. 

Which led me to... I have to change my website and my web domain and everything else. My old website host, (I will not name names), was TERRIBLE. I am not kidding, I could not even figure out how to change my name on the website header... So I trashed it and started over. 

So now I have a new last name, and a new website, which is ushering in a new blog for me as well. My college blog, has become a bit old, and worn out in my heart. So I'm starting a clean slate. Hope you enjoy what is to come as much as I intend to!