Knoxville Tennessee- Sports Photographer

I've been meaning to post about this game long before now, but this week has been crazy busy. This past Sunday I witnessed history being made at Thompson Boling Arena, where the UK women's basketball team pulled it together and beat the Lady Volunteers, which is something they haven't been able to do in the past 25 years. 

If you haven't been to Tennessee or had any contact with UT fans, you might not know what an incredibly hostile environment that is to play in for a visiting team. The fans are very dedicated, and very loud. It was an exciting action packed game, and ended with a win; and some locker room dancing on the part of Coach Mitchell. 


I was reminded recently that the connection and access I have to this team is so fun and unique, and I am so appreciative of the photographs I get to make for them and the moments I get to share in.

 Here are a few more photographs from the game!