UK Hoops is Sweet 16 bound

From 6:30-8:30 pm on Monday night, the UK women's basketball team fought Syracuse hard for the right to leave Memorial Coliseum that night Sweet 16 bound. And at the end of those brutal two hours their five point lead earned them that right. 

This time of year is amazing to shoot, because the higher stakes make everyone so much more emotional, and they try even harder than before. So after such a clutch win the elation and adrenaline is indescribable. And as a photographer being right there in it, rapid firing away, you get flooded with all the emotion too as you try so hard to visually record the insane excitement. 

And in attempt to get some even more incredible photos, this amazingly cooperative basketball team that I adore, humored me and went and celebrated under my ceiling remote camera. They jumped up and down and screamed and pointed at my camera while i held in the button and looked up to make sure the red light was flashing on my pocket wizard. I was stoked. Surely these pictures would be epic right? Wrong. 

After I left the locker room I ran, no joke ran, up all the stairs and through the rafters of the ceiling to see how these "Awesome" photos turned out. "Memory Card Full" my camera snidely told me. TWO SECONDS before this amazing under the ceiling camera celebration, my memory card was full. I swear my heart fell right through my chest, into my stomach, out of my butt, and down 50 feet to the court, where it broke into 1,000 tiny pieces. I almost threw up. 

The last picture recorded by my camera, right before they looked up and started being ridiculously awesome and excited. UGH. 

The last picture recorded by my camera, right before they looked up and started being ridiculously awesome and excited. UGH. 

Just moments before I had been on top of the moon, so proud of how awesome everything was working out. I mean who gets an entire team to move their celebration to the other side of the court RIGHT UNDER THEIR REMOTE CAMERA??? ME. I GOT THAT. And I missed the moment. I had thought of everything: EXCEPT how much memory card space I had. 

My post game editing hours drug on for what seemed like eternity and a half. Every photo from my remote camera screamed "you fail, you suck!" at me. And when I got the rest of my gear and stepped off the empty court for the last time this season, all the lights cut off. 

Moral of the story friends, is no matter how much of a pro you consider yourself, it does not make you immune from making mistakes. Everyone gets humbled, I sure did. I got brought right out of that ceiling down to earth level with everyone else.  It was a hard earned lesson in preparedness and humility, and I'll never forget this game and what it taught me. 

It was the kind of day at work that I come home from covered in sweat, feet numb, half awake, and full of self loathing. Luckily I have an awesome husband who knows the cure for such a day. After an entire pan of triple fudge brownies and a food coma, we woke up on the couch at 3 am, and I was over it. 

So one depressing story later, here are some of the photos that DID work out from that game. These girls are awesome. 


Next up this weekend is the Sweet 16 game in South Bend, Indiana versus Baylor!