UK Sports Photography- Ceiling Remote Camera

If you know me pretty well, you'll know what my answer was when my co-worker Kim Troxall texted me and said, "I have a cool idea, but it would involve you climbing in the ceiling of Memorial."  Of course. 

So first of all, I'd like to give credit where credit is due, Kim Troxall you are brilliant and this was such a legit idea. Also thanks Chet White for hooking a sister up with a magic arm and a spare lens. 

Sometimes it seems like a necessary part of being a good photographer is being willing to look like a socially awkward goof, and the ability to separate yourself from the logical reason portion of your brain that keeps you from doing stupid things that might threaten your life. 

Thats basically what got me through the walking on old creaky beams and hanging 30-40ish feet high over the court in a plywood box part.. 


Since most people never see whats on the other side of the drop ceiling in Memorial Coliseum, I thought I would post a few pictures taken by my lovely assistant Christopher Howard. It's basically a maze of old plywood walkways and beams, and notes with arrows to someone named Vincent, who I'd venture to guess isn't around anymore. 

From the floor looking up you can see some speakers hanging down, and a big grey rectangle box that has some spotlights. On the other side of the drop ceiling there is a ladder you climb down from the wooden walkway into the box. 

I went up with Greg from sports video on Friday and mounted the camera, sans lens just in case. I got to the game early on Sunday and went up with the lens and an extra safety cable (just in case), turned everything on, said many prayers over it, tested it about 15,000 times, and then left. 


Shown above is my very patient and adventure loving husband, who came with me to work to watch the game and help out. He stood there for my never ending focus checks and jumped up and down. Sometimes being a photographer means making other people look silly too... 

Below are some of the pictures I got during the game! Pretty happy with how it turned out. 


And finally, if you're going to do something cool, you should always get an awesome picture of yourself out of it too!