UK Sports Photography: Softball Senior Day

Sunday was Senior Day over at John Cropp Stadium, which means lots of hugging pictures. 


The girls faced Tennessee, and I was bummed for them that they lost. I'm sure they will have a great run in the post season tournaments though. It hasn't been my favorite game photo wise, partially in fault to myself for being paranoid and watching my feet constantly after I caught a nasty spider crawling up my leg. *shudder* There may or may not have been flailing and an almost fall off the dugout...


One of the more frustrating parts about shooting things like baseball and softball is when you have photographic proof that the umpire made the wrong call, but you can do nothing about it. Example, see below. He called that UT girl safe...


On a different note, the Catspy Awards were last night, which means all the student athletes come out dressed to impress. And man those softball girls clean up well! I almost didn't recognize half of them without visors, pony tails and dirt on their pants! Also, there is definitely photo documentation that Coach Lawson wore a dress. Although I am certain I would lose my life if I posted it on the internet.