UK Sports Photography- The craziest week ever.

Sometimes I wonder if it was a photographer or media member that originally coined the term, "March Madness," because it's probably the best way to describe my life this time of year. Except when you persevere through the madness long enough, and then it's taken to another level... "April-I-don't-sleep-and-am-full-of-adrenaline-and-am-never-home-insanity" perhaps? 

Last weekend I was in South Bend, Indiana for the women's basketball Sweet 16 with the lovely ladies pictured below. After a collective 14 hours spent on a bus, one too many frosty's from Wendy's, and a ridiculous amount of snow for April, my run of traveling with them sadly came to an end. 


At the start of the game against Baylor, when I saw that the freshmen had written "Nashville" on their shoes (the site of the Final Four) I was certain they were in it to win it. But despite the best efforts of a couple girls, we just fell short. 


Watching that game, that trip, and that year come to a close was such a sad feeling. It meant I would never again get to photograph the senior class I've come to know and appreciate for their awesomeness. I know some people would laugh at me, but I love women's basketball, and I miss them already. 


But I got to come home, which is always an amazing feeling. So I was able to cover a few events before I left again....


And then I came to Texas for some pretty sweet basketball games. 


This final trip of Madness has been a little different for me in the sense that during the game instead of constantly shooting like normal, I'm non-stop editing and sending out photos by Chet. Which might not adequately communicate to you how insane last night was for me. 

I started out the game shooting some fan stuff, some team stuff and some features. And then sat by my computer toning and tweeting and emailing etc. I didn't move other than to raise my hand when card runners yelled "UK Athletics?!", to check my constant game play updates from my incredible husband (who was helping me caption images from hundreds of miles away), and then to watch the last 20 seconds of the game.

It was a weird feeling after the game, not having shot really anything super important for such an important game.  A photographer's instincts constantly drive them into the middle of stuff, not to the perimeter where nothing is happening. So while It was definitely a huge amount of work, that I really believe was important, it was still a little weird for me. Chet had some legit pictures though, and I'm so proud of us for cranking them out fast for everyone to see as stuff was happening. 

And at the end of that 12ish hour day I'm pretty sure both Chet and I looked like we'd been hit by a semi truck when we finally got back to the hotel.  So naturally I ate some bacon and went to sleep... 


But seriously how awesome was that game?  :)