Portrait Photography: Emily, Dancer.

I've heard before that when you get married, you marry the person's family too. I love all of Chris' family, but I really lucked out with this little gem. Emily is Chris' cousin, she is in second grade, and loves to dance. Also, she's most definitely one of the prettiest 2nd graders I've ever met in my life. It's mind blowing to me how dedicated kids are to things like dance, even at such a young age. 

Last night we got together and did a few portraits of her at my house. The closest thing to portraits of a dancer I'd done until yesterday was the gymnastics stuff we do every year, so I made a fool of myself trying to raise my legs and bend them different ways trying to show her what to do. In the end, we mostly went with her pose ideas, they were far superior.  It was also pretty hilarious having a full studio set up in my living room, my dogs weren't that amused though when I locked them out of the house for a few hours... ha. 

 I'm trying to branch out and shoot things like what we shoot of athletes at UK for kid's and their parents this summer. So if you know any kids into sports or other activities, send their parent's my way! :)

This is her sassy face! Yes!! I wish I could fit into that sassy outfit. 

This is her sassy face! Yes!! I wish I could fit into that sassy outfit.