Happy Birthday, love.


Twas the day that was this one, 
Twenty-six years ago,
Chris was ready for the real world, 
and out he did go.

In large headed glory, 
he entered the earth.
the greatest human being,
to whom was ever given birth. 

So this day that is legend,
this 21st of May,
we jump up and down, 
and celebrate his day! 

His hugs are the greatest,
said anyone ever,
He's funny and handsome,
and ever so clever. 

His power to make,
quite anyone giggle,
is utterly impressive,
without even a tickle. 


He's loyal, and loving,
so manly and daring,
and the best husband, yes!
So handsome and caring.

His powers are close,
to superhero status,
he downs peanut butter and syrup,
much faster than average. 


He tames dogs like they're lions,
so fearless and brave,
he doesn't think twice,
about rattling their cage. 

His strength is unmatched,
far past Rocky and Batman,
don't dare try to fight him,
run, run as fast as you can!

So it goes without saying,
how special it is, 
that we celebrate this day, 
that's so rightfully his. 

But sadly I'm gone, 
on the road once again,
Not home to celebrate, 
with my very best friend. 

Thus I offer this blog post, 
a humble knock off Doctor Suess,
until I'm home with my man,
when we'll kick back and let loose!

Photo by random Dominican guy. 

Photo by random Dominican guy. 


Here are some favorite photos,
in honor this occasion, 
from happy moments and fun times, 
of the Christopher persuasion!


Happy Birthday Chris!!! :) 

All photos are by me unless specified in the caption! 

Photo by Elliott Hess Photography .  http://www.elliotthess.com/

Photo by Elliott Hess Photography.  http://www.elliotthess.com/

Photo by Cliff McIntosh.

Photo by Cliff McIntosh.

Photo by Chris courtesy of a Life Proof case and iPhone. 

Photo by Chris courtesy of a Life Proof case and iPhone. 

Photo by Cara Dee Photography . http://www.caradeephotography.com/

Photo by Cara Dee Photography. http://www.caradeephotography.com/